Where have I been the past six months?

I’ve been mulling over the current status and the direction of GrandmasterB.com for awhile now, and it’s been a bit of a battle for me. I’ve contemplated weeding out content, starting over from scratch and at one point scrapping the entire blog for something different.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided that I took the site in the wrong direction trying to make money off of the site in the wrong manner. I tried to pump up the stats and page views with irrelevant content and compromised the integrity of the great content that I already had.So What’s Next for GrandmasterB?

What I didn’t realize is how quickly I would make a name for myself in the blogging community as a Wordpress theme designer. In the past year and a half I’ve cranked out twelve different Wordpress sites (not including this one) and I’ve learned a ton about what you can do with Wordpress. With every new site, I’ve tried to push the envelope and make something better than before.

I now feel that I have a firm grasp on how I can use Wordpress, not only as a blogging platform but as a content management system for small business applications. My plan for this site is to use it as a platform for building up my client base further, and eventually developing my own premium themes to offer to the masses.

Spring Cleaning

I have gone through all of the content on the site and removed all of the content that wasn’t relative to where I want the site to be. For instance there will no longer be posts about Kim Kardashian or monthly recaps about the site traffic appearing here. From now on, it will be graphics related content only:

  • Design Reviews (mostly my own work)
  • Web Development Tools
  • Tutorials (Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress, etc)
  • Freebies (icons, graphics, etc.)
  • Mac Tricks
  • Q&A with GrandmasterB

I really enjoy writing this type of content and that seems to be what keeps the readers coming back. To give you an example, my killer metallic text tutorial has consistently been the top article since being published in June of 2008. It’s obvious that readers enjoy that type of content.

I hope you all continue to follow the adventures of GrandmasterB and the new direction the site is taking. I’ll be interested to see where it all goes from here.

~ GrandmasterB