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My Web Development Tools (Part Two)

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

I’m back for the conclusion of my post from yesterday (My Web Development Tools). Part two will focus mainly on my browser of choice…FIREFOX! I know that Firefox is probably not new to most of my readers, but I have installed a great set of add-ons that will make any web developers life easier. By the way don’t forget that Firefox Version 3 is now available in Beta4. If you’d like to check it out it can be found here.

Firefox Icon
Tool Number Four: Firefox 2

I LOVE FIREFOX! There, now that that’s out of the way I can concentrate on giving you details as to why I use Firefox to develop sites. I use Firefox for two main reasons. I code every site and test as I go with Firefox. The main reason is that the fine folks at Microsoft have discontinued Internet Explorer for Mac; which quite honestly is fine with me. I do have a standby Windows machine dedicated to testing once I am sure everything looks fine in Firefox. The other reason I prefer to do all of my work with Firefox is the great add-ons that you can download from the mozilla site. That’s the beauty of using an open source browser; the community of developers come up with some of the coolest add-ons to make your internet experience more enjoyable.My favorite add-on for Firefox is the Web Developer Toolbar by Chris Pederick.

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